Awards and Community Service

Awards and Accomplishments

Our house is a very accomplished chapter within the Kansas State campus and Theta Xi chapters nationally. At Kansas State we were recognized with the 2018 Kansas State Chapter of the Year, 2019 Kansas State Presidents Award for Fraternal Excellence, and Fall 2017 Highest GPA in KSU fraternity history. At the national level we have won the Theta Xi memorial trophy, which is awarded to the most outstanding Theta Xi chapter of the year, seventeen times. Most recently in 2016-2017. At Theta Xi we strive for many qualities that make our men great, including academics, leadership, philanthropy, intramurals, and brotherhood. We have demonstrated this by being top three in grades at Kansas State, out of fraternities, 57 out of the last 60 semesters, and by being Intramural Champions 2017-2019. 

Picture taken after our football team won the intramural championship.

Philanthropy and Community Service

At Theta Xi, we do our best to give back to the fantastic Manhattan community. From various activities like fixing Green Apple Bikes, to helping out local recycling companies, we try to our best to make a difference in our community. We also hold a Fish Fry every year during lent to raise money for Habitat for Humanity

Members helping out at the K-State recycling center.