∗New Addition∗

 New to our chapter house is a large addition as seen on the left side of the picture. This addition contains a new library where our members can study and converse with one another. Above the library are two new sleeping dormitories, each holding 12 beds. The new addition was part of our 2018 renovation in which the entire house was reconstructed on the inside while leaving the outer facade intact. The renovation cost $2.5 million dollars in total and was paid for by our generous alumni.

∗Dining Room∗

 Our dining room is often described by visitors as their favorite part of our house. Every night of the week we have dinner provided by either our chef or kitchen manager which we then eat in the dining room. Our house mother sits at the center of the front table and then our members fill in on either side of her. We always start dinner with a prayer and end dinner with a song. Members are also free to eat breakfast, lunch, or even study in the dining room.