∗New Addition∗

 New to our chapter house is a large addition as seen on the left side of the picture. This addition contains a new library where our members can study and converse with one another. Above the library are two new sleeping dormitories, each holding 12 beds. The new addition was part of our 2018 renovation in which the entire house was reconstructed on the inside while leaving the outer facade intact. The renovation cost $2.5 million dollars in total and was financed by our generous alumni.

∗Dining Room∗

 Our dining room is often described by visitors as their favorite part of our house. Every night of the week we have dinner provided by either our chef or kitchen manager which we then eat in the dining room. Our house mother sits at the center of the front table and then our members fill in on either side of her. We always start dinner with a prayer and end dinner with a song. Members are also free to eat breakfast, lunch, or even study in the dining room.

∗The Rooms∗

The room to the right is named the cave as it is the only room in the entire house without a window. However, our creative members counteracted this predicament by installing not one, but two windows in the back wall. In total, there are 15 different rooms in our chapter facility. There are two, three, four, and six persons rooms giving each member a chance to live in several different styles of rooms during their time in the fraternity. 

∗Movie Room∗

Our movie room is another unique feature of the fraternity with the carpet stadium seating as seen in the picture to the left. During away games, we often fit 30+ members and friends in the room, creating a fun and exciting environment for everyone participating. The room is also available 24/7 for any member that wants to watch TV, a movie, or play video games. The room is also great for inviting sororities over for movie nights!

∗Ping-Pong Room∗

The room to the right has a variety of uses, but is primarily used for its ping-pong table. The table offers a great way for our members to take a study break or play competitive matches against each other. The room also serves as an entertainment space. Theta Xi fraternity at K-State is a wet fraternity, meaning that we are allowed to have alcohol within our chapter facility. We treat this as a privilege as our house provides a safe environment for members to consume alcohol in the safety of their own home. We take extreme caution and use only the safest measures possible when dealing with alcohol.

∗Formal Living Room∗

Our members gather in the formal living room before dinner on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Weekly executive board meetings are held in the living room as well. 

∗New Library∗

As part of our 2018 renovation, a new addition was added that includes a new study room seen to the right. The library is kept quiet at all times and is strictly used as a study room for our members. The library is one of three study rooms in our house, and each member also has his own personal desk in his room for studying purposes. 


There are in total five bathrooms in the house, one for each floor with two on the second floor. The picture to the left is on the third floor bathroom which includes two showers, two sinks, one urinal, and one stall. The main second floor bathroom contains three showers, three sinks, two stalls, and two urinals. There is also a bathroom in the president and vice-presidents’ room. The first floor bathroom is strictly for guests and is kept extremely clean by our members. The basement bathroom is available for use by anyone and is of standard size.

∗Sleeping Dormitories∗

Unlike some fraternities, our house is designed to have specific rooms where our members sleep. This allows for extra room in our standard rooms for desks, couches, and activities. In total there are three sleeping dorms: one with twenty beds (seen to the right) and two with twelve beds. Only one room has beds in the room and that is the president and vice-presidents’ room named the Alpha. The sleeping dorms are kept cold, dark (except for the taking of this picture), and quiet at all times.

∗Laundry Room∗

In our basement exists a laundry room finished with two washers and two dryers. The utilities are free to use by our members. With a house of 46 men, there is sometimes a wait to use the washer and dryer. Therefore, we have a sign up board as seen in the upper left portion of the picture. The room also contains an ironing board, iron, and folding table.